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A product with a mission “Dual purpose for…”

A product with a mission “Dual purpose for…”

These days, store shelves across the region are being filled with Violeta’s first product designed to preserve the environment. It is toilet paper, a product that we all need and that we don’t think about too much. We decided to pack our new toilet paper in nothing less than a usable waste bag. Thinking is very simple, when we are already throwing away the packaging, why not use it as a garbage bag?

The packaging of our new toilet paper is designed in its entirety like any other packaging, except that it has an integrated and typical closure closure that we are used to using on purchased waste disposal bags. This small intervention on the packaging resulted in a really big product – a product with a mission.

According to the latest available Eurostat data, the average EU citizen produces as much as 169.7 kg of waste per year, which is generated only from discarded packaging and unnecessary packaging of consumer goods. In total, this would mean that EU citizens produce over 80 million tonnes of waste just because of poor, non-functional or carelessly designed product packaging.

We take these figures seriously and have decided, as much as possible, to put extra effort into the design and shaping of new products, with the aim of minimally harming our environment.

Toilet paper “Dual purpose for a higher purpose” has the potential to reduce total waste production annually by 10,552.36 kg. It may be a small step, but it is the first in a responsible direction.

From the beginning, the Croatian agency Saatchi & Saatchi also participated in the development of the idea and the packaging design. Instead of the standard branding and communication campaign, which is regularly done when launching new products, Saatchi proposed that packaging be the main communication channel.

At the same time, we are proud to announce that this is only the first of a series of planned products that will work one after another to increase that public awareness.

Packaging and packaging are doomed to end up in the trash, if that’s why then why wouldn’t we use them ourselves as garbage bags. We hope that this example will encourage other manufacturers to start thinking about the impact of their packaging on the environment, and consumers to think about the usefulness of each packaging as a means of waste disposal, because there are plenty of such opportunities.

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